Back to where it all began…

IMG_1260 4There was a funeral in Aurukun community yesterday so I respectfully removed myself and worked from the Weipa office. Great to meet the Weipa team and get a handle on the amazing legislatively mandated work these ladies do, in the most complex of environments. End of financial year and all hands to the wheel and still made time to welcome me and have a NAIDOC morning tea.

The next morning I awoke in Weipa, the town where I started going a little further north each year back in 2013, so took a drive around to gather in the memories of adventures and experiences since this journey began and went back to where it all began…

IMG_1262 2

This is my classroom back in 2013-14, how it looks today, all micky-schmick and appropriately named the Western Cape College, Enrichment Centre. The year I spent there, working with 13-15 year old young people, some from extreme disadvantage and with year1-3 literacy and numeracy, was indeed one of the most enriching years of my life and, I now know, theirs as well.

The empty building (school holidays) spoke to me and flooded me with memories of those times, the young people and my amazing mentor teacher, Cassandra Lobley. Maybe a few pictures will portray what I mean.



A pictures worth a thousand words so heres a thousand pictures (nah gammin!) from the Mastery Class cohort

Back to where it all began…the time, the place and the people of the Mastery Class.

Where it all began from Gordon Fawcett on Vimeo.